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My Husband Wants Me Dead novel (Esther and Bradley)

My Husband Wants Me Dead novel (Esther and Bradley)
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My Husband Wants Me Dead novel (Esther and Bradley)

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    Read My Husband Wants Me Dead (Esther and Bradley) by Spring Sprout . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free here My Husband Wants Me Dead (Esther and Bradley) full episode by Spring Sprout at . Genre: Mariage The  revolves around a woman named Esther Quill, who has just been released from prison and attends the funeral of Thomas Warner, the patriarch of the Warner family. The attendees at the funeral hold animosity towards Esther due to her past actions, including sending Mr. Bradley's wife to prison and allegedly removing Mr. Thomas' oxygen mask. Esther, dressed inappropriately for the occasion, approaches Thomas' coffin but is stopped by Bradley Warner, who is furious at her presence. Esther pleads with him to allow her to say her final goodbye to Thomas. In a fit of rage, Bradley grabs Esther by her hair and forcefully drags her out of the funeral. In a cold and icy environment, Bradley throws Esther into the back of a Rolls-Royce Phantom car. He then physically assaults her, choking her and tearing her dress off. He mocks her and mentions her desire to have a child with him, threatening to fulfill that desire. The summary concludes abruptly, and it's unclear what happens next in the story. Read  My Husband Wants Me Dead  by Spring Sprout

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