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Abigail’s Second Life

Chapter 673
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Abigail shifted her gaze, feeling her scalp tighten instantly as Simond cinto view. Despite the vastness of

Capitalis, she had always believed it was a city where chance encounters were rare. Therefore, she hadn't paid

much attention to Simond's presence in the city.

Sean couldn't help but frown when he heard Simond's familiar tone, but he managed to maintain a smile as he

addressed Abigail, "Do you two know each other?"

Before Abigail could respond, Simond, seated beside her, interjected with a smile, "Didn't she tell you? We were

quite close in Adral. Oh, and she was there with " "Are you finished?" Abigail interrupted him, her patience

wearing thin.

Simond turned to Abigail, still smiling. "Ms. Alana, where did that composure go when you were presenting your

products on stage? That version of you was the most captivating." Sean's demeanor shifted. He seized Simond's

collar, his gaze transforming into an icy stare. "If you wish to avoidteaching you a lesson, | suggest you

leave immediately!"

After delivering his threat, Sean forcefully pushed Simond away. The smile vanished from Simond's face,

replaced by a gaze with pitch-black intensity. "Mr. Graham, before you lay a hand on me, consider carefully

whether | am someone you can afford to provoke."

Sean sneered. "The sole heir of the Simpson Family. Are you entangled with shadowy forces overseas, stealthily

returning to the homeland to evade pursuers?" Leaning back in his chair, Sean's expression becmore

provocative. "It's only because of our homeland's tolerance that anyone returning is protected." Abigail

intervened before Simond could respond. "Please don't disturb us while we're having dinner. Thank you."

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Simond raised an eyebrow. He stood up and locked eyes with Abigail. "Disturb? Ms. Alana, what do you mean? |

merely cto extend a greeting." "We're not close. There's no need for greetings," Abigail asserted without

looking at him.

"Who can say for sure whether we're acquainted or not?" Simond finished, turning around and leaving with ease.

However, his words left Abigail uncertain about how to explain things to Sean.

"When | was in Adral for personal matters, | ran into him. But | didn't intend to be friends with him or anything,"

Abigail explained, biting her lip.

She was well aware that one lie would lead to countless more lies to cover up.

Nevertheless, in Luna's current predicament, she found herself unable to disclose anything, even for the sake of

Sean's safety. While Sean possessed considerable skills, it was undeniable that the Golden Triangle incident had

nearly cost him his life as well.

"I understand. I'm not sure what his purpose was in coming to provoke us, but | trust you. If you really have

something to tell me, | believe you would tellwithout reservation because that's the kind of person I know

you to be," Sean reassured Abigail, not wanting to delve deeper.

Upon hearing his words, Abigail felt not only touched but also guilty.

"Sean..." She opened her mouth, wanting to tell him about Luna's situation.

"You just got back. Let's enjoy our dinner first. | won't pay much attention to what he said," Sean reassured


The words Abigail wanted to say suddenly got stuck in her throat. For the first time, she realized that she wasn't

as rational as she thought. When facing Sean, she was under a spell, almost revealing the confidential


"You're right. Let's enjoy the meal first," Abigail lowered her gaze.

Her current anxiety stemmed from her own incompetence. She couldn't protect Luna, nor could she completely

free Sean from these dangerous situations. Because of her revealed background, the people around her were

involved with Vincent and the interests behind him. Luna ended up in her current situation, and Sean and Xavien

almost lost their lives in the Golden Triangle...

But she was being protected by everyone, without a scratch. Is it truly impossible forto resist the power

wielded by Vincent?

Abigail was skeptical of that.

After the meal, they returned to the car. Abigail engaged in her usual conversation with Sean.

Upon arriving at the Pearson Residence, she immediately called Ronaldo.

In the guest room, Sean held his phone, his emotions tangled in conflicting feelings.

He professed his belief in Abigail, yet jealousy lingered, compelling him to seek answers about what happened

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between Simond and Abigail in Adral.

Sean tossed his phone aside, his gaze fixed on the passing scenery beyond the window.

In a moment of silence, he took a deep breath and said, "We can't go back to how things were before."

They had an intimate relationship for six months, during which they understood each other's habits. Abigail had

expressed her commitment to marriage.

Trust was the cornerstone of a successful marriage.

As Sean gradually calmed down, he picked up his phone once more and messaged Abigail.

'Are you asleep? | can't sleep.’

At the stime, Abigail was in a conversation with Ronaldo. Upon receiving Sean's message, she interrupted

Ronaldo, saying, "Hold on, | need to reply to a message."

'No, I'm still awake. I'm dealing with swork matters. If | finish and you're still awake, I'll cfind you."

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'It's okay. You go ahead and handle it. Finish up and get srest. I'll do something else."

After responding to the message, Abigail resumed her conversation with Ronaldo.

"Can Simond investigate? Or is there anything | can do to look into Luna's situation?" Abigail asked Ronaldo

earnestly. "If you can help me, | am willing to provide any benefits you desire."