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My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace

Chapter 476
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Chapter 476

Orion stepped out in a crisp, pristine white suit today, the fabric seemed to whisper of luxury and elegance. His

cuffs were adorned with matching crystal cufflinks, and a vibrant red iris pinned to his chest made him stand out,

giving him the aura of a celestial being descending among mortals. His appearance alone was enough to send a

wave of shrieks and gasps through the gathering of bridesmaids and ladies in attendance. -

“Con in!” Christopher and Susanna called out warmly, beckoning Orion forward. He was just stepping up

with a gift box in his hand. when two figures firmly blocked his path.

“Ethan, Samuel.”

“No matter how sweetly you call me, you're not seeing Xan today.”

ke the

“Looks like

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brother-in-laws are giving the groom a hard time.”

The crowd around them chuckled and jeered, while Ethan and Samuel spoke seriously, “We're not joking. It's a

tradition passed down from our family. You can’t have it until you're at the wedding venue. You're not thinking of

barging in forcefully, are you?”

“Of course not.”

His humble and gentle demeanor pleased Samuel, who whispered something so low that even those straining

their ears nearby couldn't catch it

Orion, taken aback, glanced deeply into the villa, curiosity and anticipation in his gaze, before handing over his

gift to them,

“Please, give this to Xannie for me.”

“Will do.”

Samuel nodded, “in half an hour, the caravan will be ready to go. You guys head off first. Ethan, me, and Xan will

follow in the last few pink sports cars.”

“Orion, are we just going back like this?”

“Boss, we haven't even seen the bride yet!”

The Lockwood family’s friends, relatives, as well as shareholders and colleagues from the corporation were

baffled, anxiously wondering what was going on. Orion, however, remained the picture of grace and politeness,

“Let’s follow their customs.” “Ahhh, not only is he handsome, but he’s also so graceful and gentlemanly. What a


o the m moon and back!”

“Xan is so lucky to marry a man who adores and cherishes her to

“Tsk, only in a Crestwood billionaire’s wedding would you see such a lavish procession of cars. It's unprecedented


“Let's hope these thirty minutes fly by: | can’t wait to see their wedding venue. It’s going to be magnificent!”

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Inside the room, Xanthea listened to the bustling noise outside, her heart itching with curiosity. Just as she was

about to sneak a peek, her parents, Ethan and Samuel walked in.

“Huh? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be greeting Orion?”

“He’s already headed back.”

“What?” Xanthea’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Headed back? But wasn’t he supposed to cfor me?!”

“Cfor you? Princesses don’t need fetching, a knight's escort is enough. Wouldn't you like it if Ethan and |

escort you instead?”

“Samuel, did you give him a hard tagain?”

Xanthea’s frown deepened as she pinched the back of his hand, her nails digging in until he yelped, “Xan, you

ungrateful kid, you haven't even left yet and are already treating your own brother this way?”

Christopher laughed. “Samuel, stop teasing your sister. We should be careful not to miss the auspicious time.”

“Xan, Samuel's just pulling your leg Orion is waiting in the hall. We'll be leaving in about half an hour”