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Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption

Chapter 405
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Remi turned his head towards Lizetta, "Any idea where Joe might have gone?"

Hannah, overhearing the conversation, immediately raised her voice.

"Give the phone to Lizetta! I'll ask her!"

But Remi's voice dropped, firm and concerned, "I'll get someone on it."

It was clear that he was worried about Hannah saying something more to Lizetta, so he cut off their


However, Lizetta snatched the phone from Remi, saying, "Joe hasn't contacted me, and no, | haven't hidden him


At Lizetta's words, Hannah broke down, "Lizetta, Joe could pass out at any moment. He ran away because of you;

you must know where he is. Please, think!" Hannah's voice lost its edge, now carrying a plea.

Lizetta, being a mother herself, understood the panic and desperation of a mother whose child is missing.

She replied softly, "Joe is my brother; I'm just as worried. Trust me, I'll think it over and work with Remi to find

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him as soon as possible."

After hanging up, Lizetta looked at Remi.

"There's a spot behind the old house, and he might be hiding there."

They continued towards the old house, with Remi holding Lizetta's hand.

"Don't worry too much. He's smart, and he wouldn't just wander off."

Lizetta held Remi's hand tighter; her worry for Joe was mixed with a sense of distraction.

Compared to Hannah, who showed anxious love for Joe, she barely acted like a mother towards Remi.

Lizetta wondered if Remi felt neglected or sad.

"What's up?" Remi caught her gaze, looking down at her.

Lizetta shook her head, only gripping his hand tighter.

The place Lizetta thought Joe might go was 'Willow Cottage’ in the woods behind the old house.

Whenever Joe felt down, Lizetta would take him there, teaching him to speak into the hollow of the tree at

'Willow Cottage’ - their secret hideout. Arriving at 'Willow Cottage, they indeed found Joe's sneakers under the


Lizetta motioned for Remi to let her down.

"Don't climb; I'll call him out," Remington said, frowning.

But Lizetta covered his mouth, "Don't scare him. You're his brother; show spatience. Or | seriously doubt Joy

will have a patient dad!" Remington sighed internally, acknowledging his short fuse with kids.

Perhaps the little patience he had was all spent on her.

"Alright, climb on up," he conceded, stepping forward to hoist Lizetta onto his shoulders.

With Remi's help, Lizetta easily climbed into 'Willow Cottage."

There, Joseph was found in a corner, crying.

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"Look who we have here, hiding and crying like a little goofball?"

Hearing Lizetta, Joseph jumped up, with his head down, ready to dash out.

Lizetta grabbed him, "The doctor said | should be resting. Do you wantsearching all over for you?"

He looked up at Lizetta's belly, with worry and guilt in his eyes, then hung his head low, mumbling.

"Lizetta, | don't want treatment anymore. | don't want to hurt you. Ouch!"

Before he could finish, Lizetta gave him a firm knock on the head.

With tears welling up, he looked up at her, and she sighed, rubbing his head.

"If you don't get treated, who's going to protect Joy when he's born? What if he gets bullied?"

"Who dares!" Joseph immediately clenched his fists.

Lizetta took his hand and placed it on her belly.

"Feel that. Joy is fine, and I'm not hurt because of you."

"But | heard that Mom forced you to have an amniocentesis. That must've hurt, right?"