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His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani

His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani
130 Chapters
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His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani

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    Read His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani by Heer Mangtani. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani. Genre: Billionaire.  His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani pdf download...Read the full online for free here The "His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story)" by Heer Mangtani follows the story of Sofia, who is about to marry a man she has never met, Gabriel Whitlock, in a contract marriage. The scene opens with Sofia trying to hold back her tears as she prepares for her wedding. She is miserable and in disbelief that her first meeting with her husband-to-be will be at the altar. Sofia is driven by the need to support her grandfather, who requires money for his medical treatments. As she walks down the aisle, she reflects on her situation, feeling suffocated and anxious. Her grandfather reassures her, expressing his happiness and confidence in Gabriel's character. When Sofia reaches the altar, she finally sees Gabriel, who initially appears indifferent and preoccupied. Despite his seemingly practiced gestures and polite demeanor, there is an emotional disconnect between them. The wedding proceeds with formal vows, and their first kiss is a mere brush of the lips, devoid of genuine affection. After the ceremony, Gabriel's demeanor shifts. He is courteous to Sofia's grandfather but cold and distant towards Sofia. Reporters bombard them with questions about their arranged marriage, but Gabriel remainsposed and protective in public. However, once inside the limousine, his indifference bes apparent. Sofia attempts to make conversation, introducing herself and trying to connect, but Gabriel's responses are curt and dismissive. He expresses that her marrying him was an offense, highlighting the transactional nature of their relationship. This leaves Sofia feeling embarrassed and disheartened, realizing that her hopes for even a semblance of friendship or understanding in their marriage might be unattainable.

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