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Love's Change of Heart

Love's Change of Heart
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Love's Change of Heart

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    Read Love's Change of Heart by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereLove's Change of Heart full chapter at . Genre: Romance Leanna McKinney prepares a special dinner to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with her husband, Aidan Pearson. However, Aidan arrives home late, and after kissing her roughly, he criticizes her for asking him toe home early. Aidan is cold and distant throughout the dinner, and Leanna drinks heavily. Eventually, they end up in bed together, but just as they are about to have sex, Leanna suddenly suggests they get a divorce. Aidan suspects that she is trying to extort money from him, but Leanna insists that she wants nothing from him. She produces a divorce agreement and asks him to sign it. Aidan is hesitant, but eventually agrees to sign the agreement. Leanna's best friend, Zoe, is angry with Aidan, Leanna's soon-to-be ex-husband, after learning that he did not offer any money in their divorce settlement. However, Leanna tells her that she has been taking money from Aidan throughout their marriage, which she is grateful for. Leanna reveals that she is divorcing Aidan because his mistress, Mia, is pregnant. Even though Leanna knows Aidan detests her, she is still hurt that Mia, a model, is trying to take her place as Aidan's wife. Leanna believes that she owes nothing to Aidan, even after insulting him and Mia. The next day, Aidan receives the signed divorce papers, and Jonathan, his employee, tells him that Leanna moved out without taking anything. Aidan orders Jonathan to discard a custom necklace that he had bought as a gift for Leanna. Aidan is resentful of Leanna and her manipulative ways, which led to their marriage, and he tears up the divorce papers. Please follow and read Love's Change of Heart full chapter at

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