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The Girl Come Back Is Super (Nikita)

The Girl Come Back Is Super (Nikita)
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The Girl Come Back Is Super (Nikita)

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    Read The Girle Back Is Super (Nikita) by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Girle Back Is Super (Nikita)  read online. Genre: Romance The house appeared old with white walls and black tiles. Outside, a black off-road vehicle was parked near the three-story building in the countryside. Villagers had gathered outside the small and empty building to witness the departure of a girl named Nikita, who was considered problematic. Rumors circulated that her own parents hade to pick her up and take her to the city. The villagers expressed relief, believing that living with Nikita brought bad luck. As Nikita emerged from the house, the villagers panicked and dispersed, fearing her presence. Damon, who had been waiting impatiently outside, observed the scene and found it eerie. Nikita, dressed in a white shirt and light blue jeans, approached him with a suitcase. Despite her outward beauty, Damon had learned that she had a troubled past, with a history of fighting and skipping classes, leading to poor academic performance. Damon doubted her intelligence and thought her attractive appearance was her only asset. He expressed disdain for the oversized suitcase she dragged along, implying that it was unnecessary. However, when Nikita looked into Damon's eyes, he felt uneasy and sensed an evil presence. Overwhelmed by her aura, he refrained from speaking further and urged her to join Mrs. Swift, who had been waiting in the car. Nikita, seemingly detached and devoid of joy, turned her attention to the closed window, ready to reunite with her long-lost relatives without displaying any emotional excitement.... Read The Girle Back Is Super (Nikita) full chapter at

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