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The Invincible Warlord’s Vengeful Awakening by Adam Jonson

The Invincible Warlord’s Vengeful Awakening by Adam Jonson
55 Chapters
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The Invincible Warlord’s Vengeful Awakening by Adam Jonson

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    Read The Invincible Warlord’s Vengeful Awakening by Adam Jonson by Adam Jonson. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead The Invincible Warlord’s Vengeful Awakening by Adam Jonson. Genre: Romance...The Invincible Warlord’s Vengeful Awakening pdf free download. Artist: Samantha and Avaloria  The story revolves around Xavier Cavanaugh, who is mistakenly approached by a man named Edward Hernandez, claiming a past connection. Xavier denies any knowledge, and his focus is on his sister Samantha's childbirth. However, a tragic twist occurs when the doctor asks to choose between saving the mother or the child during labor, and Samantha's family opts to save the child. Samantha dies, and Xavier confronts his brother-in-law, Leopold Vanderbilt, who prioritized the child's life over Samantha's. A violent confrontation ensues, with Xavier being brutally attacked by Vanderbilt family bodyguards. Edward intervenes, and Beatrix Vanderbilt offers money to resolve the issue. In a surprising turn, Xavier regains his lost memories, revealing his prestigious background and past achievements. Fueled by vengeance, he vows to make the Vanderbilt family pay for their actions. Xavier Cavanaugh, in a fit of rage, brutally slaps Beatrix Vanderbilt multiple times after she insults him for hitting her. The Vanderbilt family bodyguards try to retaliate, but Edward, apanion of Xavier, intervenes and knocks them down. Xavier, holding his unconscious sister Samantha, warns Leopold Vanderbilt but decides to spare him for the sake of Samantha's child. Later, Xavier stands at Samantha's grave, vowing to seek justice for her. He reveals his true identity to Edward and regains the support of the Heavenrage Legion, a powerful army hemands. Xavier returns to the Pemberley family, revealing his reunion with his son Jenson and partner Lucretia. Yara, Xavier's sister from Starhaven, learns of the Vanderbilt family's actions and decides to intervene in Oceanheim. In Starhaven, a mysterious woman vows to protect Xavier. Read The Invincible Warlord’s Vengeful Awakening .

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