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CEO's substitute bride (Alyssa)

CEO's substitute bride (Alyssa)
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CEO's substitute bride (Alyssa)

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    Read CEO's substitute bride (Alyssa) by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereCEO's substitute bride (Alyssa) by bravo full chapter on . Genre: Billionaire Alyssa sat in front of the vanity mirror as her mother came in and asked her why she hadn't changed her clothes. Alyssa asked her mother if she really wanted her to marry her sister's fiancé. Her mother begged her to help her sister, but Alyssa's eyes became cold. She was going to marry someone without a wedding or a groom. When she arrived at the Lawrence family villa, the bodyguard took her into a room and then left. Emmett, the man she was to marry, finally appeared, and Alyssa was surprised to see that he was incredibly handsome. Emmett thought Alyssa was very ugly, but Alyssa didn't care. He introduced himself as Justin, Emmett's cousin, and spoke provocatively about Emmett. Alyssa felt sympathy for Emmett and defended him, which surprised Emmett. Alyssa's appearance did not fit the description of Emmett's rumored fiancée. Please follow and read CEO's substitute bride (Alyssa) by bravo full chapter on