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The Mighty Dragon Warrior

The Mighty Dragon Warrior
300 Chapters
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The Mighty Dragon Warrior

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    Read The Mighty Dragon Warrior by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Mighty Dragon Warrior by Bravo full chapter on . Genre: Revenge Jacob Lynch returns to Central District after six years of being on the run in the outland, hoping to reunite with his girlfriend Naeve Warren. However, upon arriving, he finds out that Naeve had died from birthplications five years ago. Jacob asks about their child, a little girl, and decides to raise her himself. Jacob then goes to see his parents, who are having trouble with the demolition of their home, and helps them fight off the thugs who were behind the demolition project. which a young man named Jacob has returned home after being away for six years. He had left to protect his family after stabbing an official who tried to assault his beloved Naeve. In the outland, Jacob trained in the Secret Record of the War Deity and established the Scarlet Dragons, a group that fought for dominance against various forces and organizations. After winning a war and establishing the Scarlet Dragons' rule, Jacob returns to the Central District with glory. His father, Franklin, is overjoyed to see him, but Jacob knows that his family still suffered from the consequences of what he did six years ago. The authorities took his father's shops and ended his businesses, causing him to lose all his wealth and work menial jobs. However, Jacob is now the head of the Scarlet Dragons,manding hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and he declares that no one shall bully his family from now on. He faces a gang of thugs, including the long-haired man who surrounded himself with other thugs, and drags the long-haired man out. Jacob asks if the man wants to kill his father, and the thug begs for mercy, saying he was only obeying orders from Leonard Kingston. Leonard desires the area and plans to demolish the whole of Row. Jacob's eyes flash with a ferocious gleam as he prepares to make those who oppressed his family pay an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth for their injustice. Read and follow The Mighty Dragon Warrior by Bravo full chapter on